Verrucas are part of the wart family and can occur on different areas of the foot. Sometimes this can be a single verruca, one large verruca or multiple smaller verrucas.


This can be made by your Podiatrist on the basis of the appearance, specialist clinical knowledge of the verruca and symptoms you may be presenting with.

People of all ages can get verrucas although this is more common amongst younger children.


Not all verrucas have to be treated. Your Podiatrist will discuss this with you. In most cases treatments consists of debriding overlying hard skin and applying a chemical treatment.

The Podiatrist can help to decide which treatment would best suit the patient. This depends on the age, activity level and medical history of the patient. A management plan will be discussed with you and all relevant safety advice is given.

Treatments are safe with only little or no pain but can take a number of treatment sessions. We always try and do this in as fewer sessions as possible and in a cost effective manner.

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