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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics are more susceptible to foot problems. Some of these problems include:

  • Delayed healing from cuts or lesions
  • Higher risk of developing an infection
  • Increased risk of ulceration
  • Poor circulation and nerve damage resulting in a lack of feeling in the feet (very important as you may not be aware if there is something wrong as you may not be able to feel the painful warning signs).
  • Detieriation in eyesight meaning difficulty when cutting toe nails and checking foot health in general

Podiatrists can help give valuable advice on how to look after your feet if you have diabetes in order to prevent potential complications. They can also assess:

  • Sensation/nerve damage loss
  • Circulation
  • Provide safe removal of corns and calluses
  • Provide regular safe nail cutting using specialist instruments
  • See you every 6-12 months for routine check-ups to ensure any problems are picked up early

Please do not use medicated corn plasters or anything sharp in order to self-treat. Always see a professional HCPC registered Podiatrist for help.

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