Callus and Corns

Callus is a yellowish plaque of hardened skin tissue. This can be a normal process and is usually in response to excessive mechanical pressure to the skin; however, sometimes the level of build-up can become uncomfortable and cause a burning sensation, cracked heels, become very painful or simply be unsightly.

A corn is made from callus in a cone shape. It is inverted and presses into skin tissue. This can become more painful the longer it is left to develop and in some patients especially diabetics this can potentially lead to a risk of an ulceration.


Corns and calluses are diagnosed by the Podiatrist/Chiropodist upon examination. Sometimes people confuse corns with verruca’s and vice versa. Your Podiatrist can help distinguish between the two.

Occasionally corns and callus may be due to a bony abnormality of the foot (e.g. a hammer/retracted toe) or a biomechanical problem i.e. the way your feet are working and the way you are walking which may not be entirely correct. Therefore sometimes this needs to be assessed. Your footwear will also be checked as this can play an important part.


Typically your Podiatrist can reduce callus through skilled debridement and remove corns as well. This usually completely pain free although with larger, deeper corns a little discomfort may be felt.

If any pads, insoles, orthotics or footwear alteration is needed to reduce pressure areas you will be advised accordingly. You will also be advised on the best products or techniques you can use at home to keep your calluses and corns away for longer.

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